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a person mapping out thier user experience and interface using analogue pen and paper
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UI / UX Testing

Even the best products in the world need refinement. From  evolving and re-developing existing products, to testing late stage prototypes, beta apps and websites sites BALLISITICA can provide independent testing  feeding back on your product before it reaches the hands of the consumer. The best part is that testing is confidential and free from the worry your competition or other sources will expose your offering before its ready.

What we do...

  • Prototype / Product testing for end user feedback.

  • Focus groups for branded / or white label testing of products.

  • Creation of user handbooks and guides / checking of internally written documentation against prototypes or beta test units or releases.

  • Testing of sites and apps for required fixes or possible consumer issues.

  • Review of documentation and product against brand guidelines and competitors.

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