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"Better products and services for brands who put the consumer at the centre of their thinking."

We believe better brands start and end with their customers.

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"To equip brands with the insight and confidence to outperform their expectations."

Providing not only insights but also advice on how to keep getting results.

About Ballistica

About the founder

Ballistica was created by Luke Green a veteran Director and Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with global premium brands. From design and manufacturing to creating brand identity, developing business strategy, marketing and distribution . 
Ballistica has been set up to provide consulting services to clients from every industry helping them define the right product, strategy and branding for success. From a low cost high volume product to a seven figure project pitch Ballistica will help you realise your potential.

Luke Green has a passion for brands and products with a strong consumer focus. After obtaining a Degree from the University of Leeds in design started his executive career path with legendary guitar amplifier manufacturer brand Marshall Amplification. Working In various roles as  Brand Director and Product Director he honed his skills working with research and development teams, marketing sales and distribution as well as navigating complex business problems such as restructuring, rebranding and even being an integral part of setting up the brands successful record label and publishing company. 

Luke went on to study for a Post Graduate Certification from the University of Chester  in Business Administration adding to his skills, knowledge and ability to support his clients . Realising that his diverse skill set and experience could benefit a variety of different brands Luke created Ballistica to provide services  and support using his extensive knowledge. 

In addition to being a consultant Luke also serves as a Non Executive Director for brands providing support to businesses at board level helping them navigate issues and find new solutions to their problems.

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