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At Ballistica we know it is not about what we say about ourselves that matters. It is what others say about us. Here are just a few testimonials from people we have worked with.


David Rainger

Rainger FX

"I've found Ballistica to be very impressive - lots of ideas coming from Luke Green, covering all aspects of my business. He has great knowledge of software tools to help, and does what he says he will. Highly recommended!"

Allyson Caseley
Total words logo

Allyson Caseley

Co-Founder / Psychologist  
Total Words

"Luke has worked with us for the last 12 months, during which time he has helped enormously in establishing momentum and forward-direction for our start-up business through his knowledge and experience in tech, marketing, pitch-preparation combined with his consistently positive and supportive communication with us."

Dr Amit Goyal, British Dermatolgist
my skin doc logo

Amit Goyal

Founder and CEO mySkinDoc

"I engaged with Ballistica to consult on a new health tech start up project and he provided some excellent insights into our proposed product from an end user perspective.

Luke looks at the product and brand in a way that tries to ensure what you are delivering aligns with the expectations of the consumer.

He made the team think of how we present ourselves in a totally different way which would only enhance the UX for customers. His advice has been invaluable and we will be asking him for assistance at our next hurdle."

Benjamin Garnier CEO Algam Music
ALgam Logo

Benjamin Garnier

Directeur Général ALGAM

"I worked with Luke for over 10 years and his passion for brands and products make him a pleasure to work with.


He has a professional outlook and can present ideas working with people at all levels of an organisation from

C-suite Executives down to customer level.


Luke is not afraid to think outside the box and embrace new ideas and is always keen to ensure every opportunity is explored.


He would make a valuable asset for any company looking to bring energy and enthusiasm into their business."

Uwe Ruppel head of product development Buchel GmbH

Uwe Ruppel

Head of Product Development
and Marketing Büchel GmbH

"I had the pleasure of working with Luke for several years. Aside from being a very pleasant guy to work with, he has a keen sense of brand and product development."

Seb Croft

Commercial Director Koko

Seb Croft Commercial Director Koko London

"Since I entered into the music industry, Luke has been a behemoth of a character and synonymous with the brands he works with.

He takes a creative approach to his work, tirelessly championing new and innovative products and ideas, and following them through with incredible energy and passion. He does this whilst being a true pleasure to work with and be around.
He has been a business associate I’m lucky to call a friend, and I have a huge amount of respect for.
I am always excited to see what his next project is going to be."

MIRC logo

Jason Gano

Jason Gano CEO Mirc USA


​"Luke is a true professional in all aspects. In our time working together Luke was always collaborative and willing to consider alternative points of view.


Luke has excellent communication skills and always works tirelessly to ensure that each project he manages has a positive outcome.


I highly recommend Luke, he is an asset to any company!"

Josh Touchton

Josh Touchton

Director of Sales 

Ludwig Drums

"I had the good fortune to work with Luke Green for 6 years. Luke was key to the success of our particular brand through excellent leadership. His attention to not only quality product design, but validity to current market needs and demands. We needed a product director that trusted his people's abilities and experience, that was Luke. His experience in multiple facets makes him an excellent choice in any situation."

Luca Lorenzetti my brother from another mother
Algam Eko Logo

Luca Lorenzetti

Division Sales & Brand Manager  Algam EKO Srl

"One of the most wonderful people in the world.
Super professional man, he has a huge and deep knowledge of the musical industry and the MI market. Super skilled in engineering and production knowledge. Brother Luke is the best!"

Vladimir De Souza
Proshows Logo

Vladimir De Souza

CEO ProShows

"Luke with me has always been a serious, committed and competent professional. As a Marshall customer, I have had the privilege of working with him for many years and have always received friendly and effective treatment."

Maxi Canevaro brand manager and amazing guitarist!
Algam Eko Logo



Division & Brand Manager    Algam EKO Srl

"A truly skilled project manager. Excellent organization in the collection of data and processing information, as well as leadership in the conduct of product forums.


Great personality and professionalism, great friend with which I have immediately tied up (with Luke could not be otherwise!) and with the one I have shared many great experiences, projects and successes.


Thank you, Luke. Always thank you and always friends."

Uwe Halbe, Marketing Manager Cronologic

Marketing Manager
Cronologic GMBH

Uwe Halbe

"Luke is one of the people in my professional life with whom  the collaboration has been particularly productive and  successful. I think that we were able to bring the brands a  big step forward in our time together.

I learned a lot from Luke in the area of brand strategy. With Luke I was not only able to work successfully, but also  always had a good time, regardless of whether it was at one  of our numerous distributor meetings in the UK or at one of    the international trade fairs in Los Angeles or Frankfurt.

Luke has the gift of getting enthusiastic about his work and passing this enthusiasm on to others. Maybe that's what I've always valued most about him. I would be happy if our paths cross again."

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