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More than just a proposal!

BALLISTICA provides you with insights and advice to drive your business forward. We provide valuable support and strategic thinking that will enable you to continue to grow and evolve. Using a consultant helps you break through brand distortion giving you an advantage, enabling you to see how others see your brand.




From conceptualisation all the way through to ensuring your new products are positioned correctly. We explore proposed routes to market and go to market strategies to help formulate the plan you need to reach your audience. We provide research and insights to help you make the right choice for your business and work with your teams if required to help deliver the final result.

Maybe you have designed an amazing product but don't know how to reach your audience. You might have a product, but need input from a neutral source to help verify its viability. Or you need new products but are struggling to visualize where you go next with your brand. All of these things can be supported with our help.




Getting a product pitch right is the difference between success and failure. Not only can BALLISTICA help formulate your product pitches but we can also provide valuable advice and coaching enabling you to pitch with confidence. From pitching to a small room of investors to standing in front of 1000's to launch your product. We have you covered. 

Pitching products doesn't have to be hard but often you only get one chance to make an impression on your audience. That's why the way you present is important to gain your audiences confidence. We can help you find the right way to pitch and suggest what mixture of presentation you might need for the best chance of success.



Your brand is more than just a word or a logo. That's why defining your brand, the way you speak and way you are perceived by others is critical to success. From new brands with no identity through to established brands looking to evolve we will provide analysis on how your identity looks and deliver a strategy that will be tailored to support your business.

More than a Logo, you need vison statements and mission statements that support your existence. Brand guidelines that protect your identity and a brand persona that reflects who you are and what you do.  


Working with your internal creative team or providing support and advice to find the right creatives to deliver. 

BALLISTICA provides the foundational tools to support your brand in ensuring it cuts through the noise of the competition.  



Words are important and creating collateral to help sell your product can be difficult, especially when you want to evolve. 

BALLISTICA can carefully craft your copy to be exciting, relevant and fresh. From a simple re-vamp or entirely new wording and stories for your current catalogue, product release or website. We can deliver a full analysis providing the feedback you need to stand out.

If your product copy is written by your engineers it might not make sense to your consumers. If its written by your creatives it might not make sense to your more aware audiences. By looking from both perspectives BALLISTICA can help decipher the words from the meaning and refine your messaging to have more impact. We can even review and test your product to write user manuals from a consumers perspective so everything makes sense. 



Even with the best team of in house product designers, programmers and testing teams, it is easy to become internalised. We can test your product and any associated collateral to provide insight into how your user experience and user interface is seen from a real world perspective and feedback changes or improvements that are often overlooked.

Your teams are focused on delivering the best results for you as a business, often  influenced by historical internal ways of working or thinking. Internalisation can lead to a brand ignoring influencing factors from their competition leaving them open to weaker product propositions. BALLISTICA will identify and propose pivot points to help enhance your offering and maintain relevance providing better consumer experiences.



Defining a 3 year product strategy, through to creating processes and procedures to enable growth and success. Learn how to develop a strategy that works tailored to your business. We give you the tools to maintain momentum. We can review any part of your business and proposed methods of increasing efficiency. Improving transparency to enable more productive business for your brand. 

Perhaps you have grown organically and need structure to expand, or maybe you are a long established company that needs to review how it operates. We can help.

Looking at your existing strategy, goals and objectives we can help formulate changes to improve what you do. If you don't have a strategy we can work alongside you to develop one. From a simple structure to something that can deal with more complex simultaneous projects . 

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